Precision Microbes Probiotic & Postbiotic – 300 ml

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Uses and benefits
When administered early as part of a supportive care in diarrhoea it is extremely effective at gut stabilisation.
Our pet probiotics containing E faecium NCIMB 104153 is licensed for gut stabilisation under veterinary supervision. All our pet probiotics are only available through the veterinary channel.
It can also be used to help support gut health and better immunity in pets during periods of stress or post recovery from other digestive upsets.
Long term use of probiotics in pets will also support better gut health, digestive function, immunity and competitive inhibition. Precision Microbes is already seeing the significant benefits of long-term use in pets that are prone to digestive upsets.


TreatingDose rateDuration
PetsRapid gut stabilisation1ml/kg/BW twice daily3 days*
Recovering from digestive disturbances1ml/kg/BW in feed or waterDaily for up to 28 days
Long term use1ml/kg/BW in feed daily
Pets on antibiotics1ml/kg/BW dailyEnsure at least 2 hours between antibiotic administration and probiotics
*The first dose can be given orally then followed up in feed


More information can be found on the following link: Precisionmicrobes


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