PuppIMMUNE™ 90 g

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Since maturation of the immune system in puppies is complete at about six months of age, after birth they are at high risk of infectious diseases.  In an early phase, newborn puppies are protected by maternally derived antibodies but, once their level decreases , they are no longer sufficient to protect from infections although an active immunization of the puppy is not present yet. This critical period of time, in which the puppy is susceptible to infections, is called “immune gap”.

PuppIMMUNE™ is a complementary feed recommended for dogs and cats to optimise the immune response, achieving greater efficiency in the innate and in the adaptive immune response. PuppIMMUNE™ contains Immunity Complex™ (with its unique composition: Lactoferrin and Nucleotides) which enhances the immunocompetence of cats and dogs, thus achieving a more effective response of the immune system to possibly harmful agents.  Lactoferrin, with its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties protects the body from infection, while nucleotides improve immune weaning puppies status and  provide a better humoral immune response by increasing the levels of protecting antibodies.

PuppIMMUNE™ is indicated in case of malnutrition, stress (e.g. lactation and peri-vaccination period in puppies) , bacterial infection (e.g. pyoderma), viral infection (e.g. Parvovirus)  and parasites infection (e.g. demodicosis, giardiasis).

Daily dosage is one spoon every 2.5 kg mixed with food.

In puppies,  PuppIMMUNE™ is recommended from weaning until 6 months age.

More information can be found on the following link: PuppIMMUNE

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