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Species: Dogs
Active ingredient: Levothyroxine Sodium ,1 mg/ml oral solution for dogs.
Uses: Treatment of hypothyroidism in dogs.
Dosage and administration
For oral use only. In thyroid hormone replacement therapy with L-thyroxine, the dose rate and regime have to be tailored individually to each dog. A starting dose rate of 20 µg L-thyroxine sodium/kg once daily is recommended; this corresponds to 0.2 ml of the product per 10 kg bodyweight. At re-examination four weeks later, dose adjustment should be performed based on the clinical response to treatment and thyroid hormone concentration evaluated 4-6 hours after administration of the product. Further assessment of hormonal responses and dose adjustment may be repeated at 4 week intervals if required. A maintenance dose rate between 10 and 40 µg/kg body weight once daily is generally sufficient to control the clinical signs of hypothyroidism and to restore thyroid hormone concentrations to within the reference range. Depending on the dose rate determined as suitable for the dog and on its body weight, the volume (in ml) of the product to be administered once daily can be estimated using the Dosing Guide table:h-748

Once a suitable dose rate and regime have been established, it is recommended to recheck every 6 months that thyroid hormone concentrations are appropriate. The improvement in clinical signs occurs differentially following the onset of treatment with L-thyroxine: whilst metabolic signs improve within two weeks after the onset of treatment, dermatological signs may require 6 weeks or more of treatment before improvement is seen. The product should be administered at the same time every day. The absorption of L-thyroxine is influenced by food. In order to achieve consistent absorption of L-thyroxine, it is recommended to administer L-thyroxine 2-3 hours prior to feeding, which will maximise the degree of absorption and minimize variation in absorption. If L-thyroxine is administered less than 2 hours before feeding, at or after feeding, the feed given (type and amount) should be standardized.

Instruction for use of the oral syringe: Open the bottle. Attach the dosing syringe to the bottle by gently pushing the end of the syringe onto the insert in the bottle. Turn the bottle/syringe upside down and draw the solution into the syringe by pulling the plunger out. The edge of the ring on the end of the plunger should align with the expected volume or body weight in kilograms. Turn the bottle/syringe the right way up and remove the syringe from the insert. After administration, clean the syringe with clean water and allow to dry naturally.

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