G-PET Plus Glucometer

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The g-Pet PLUS is a species specific veterinary glucometer. g-Pet PLUS is easy to use and economical meaning that it’s suitable for use by veterinarians as well as owners of diabetic pets who have undergone a brief period of training from their vets.


  • Calibrated specifically for cats, dogs & horses
  • Biosensor auto code technology
  • Accurate results
  • Easy to use blood glucose meter
  • Vets can train owners to home test
  • Small sample of whole blood (0.7µl) is required
  • Large LCD screen
  • Accurate results displayed within 5 seconds
  • Readable range 1.1 – 33.3 mmol/L
  • 500 result automatic memory
  • Adjustable alert range alarms
  • mmol/l or mg/dL
  • HCT range 20 – 60%


  • Improved FAD-GDH enzyme test strip
  • Smaller sample volume
  • Wider HCT range
  • Strip eject
  • Single code strip for all species

As a handheld device it can be used in-practice, in the field or at home as a portable meter of blood glucose levels in cats, dogs and horses. The g-Pet PLUS Blood Glucose Meter has a memory capable of storing 500 results and a large LCD display.

A 0.7µl sample of venous or capillary blood is required to produce highly accurate glucose results within 5 seconds. A built-in confirmation window can show the user whether the sample is of sufficient volume before the test goes ahead.

The alarm notification system enables the user to set regular reminders for testing. This is a useful feature when monitoring dog diabetes and cat diabetes.

Pet owners can ask their vet about the g-Pet PLUS Glucose Meter or contact us to find their nearest stockist.

Kit Contents

  • g-Pet PLUS Meter
  • Manual
  • AAA Batteries (2)
  • Test strip insert
  • Test strips (10)
  • Control solution insert
  • Code strip
  • Quick reference guide
  • Control solution
  • Lancing device
  • Carry case
  • Lancets (10)

Why Use the g-Pet PLUS Veterinary Glucose Meter Rather Than a Human Glucose Meter?

Human glucometers are not always accurate when measuring glucose levels in animals. This is because red blood cell size and the distribution of glucose within the blood differs from species to species. A proportion of glucose is contained within the red blood cells and the remainder in the surrounding plasma.

Humans have a higher haematocrit compared to cats, dogs and horses, as well as larger red blood cells. Therefore, the distribution of glucose within plasma is proportionally much lower in humans compared to these animals as a larger portion of glucose is contained within the red blood cells.

Subsequently, these differences in glucose distribution have a bearing on the glucose result when testing animals with a meter designed for human use as false results are reported in some instances.

Species Specific Calibration

The g-Pet PLUS Veterinary Glucose Meter is calibrated specifically for use in cats, dogs and horses. Each g-Pet PLUS meter contains all relevant calibration information to ensure an accurate result is reported for each species. Vets no longer need to persist with inaccurate human meters as there is now a low cost, veterinary specific alternative.

More information can be found on the following link: www.WoodleyEquipment.com/G-Plus Glucometer

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