CliniSpin MPC

The Clinispin Multi Purpose Centrifuge (MPC) is a high speed centrifuge equipped with a maintenance free drive, digital display and simple interface for silent and efficient operation. It is supplied with two rotors providing efficient separation of blood and urine micro samples and accurate Haematocrit determination using capillary tubes.


  • Maintenance Free Drive
  • Digital Display
  • Easy to Use
  • 3 Pre-Defined Presets
  • 3 Defined Pre-sets:

1) SERUM / PLASMA (Microtube rotor)         (12,000rpm for 2 minutes)

2) HCT / QBC® (HCT / QBC® rotor)                  (12,000rpm for 5 minutes)

3) URINE (Microtube rotor)                              (1,000rpm for 1 minute)

Pre-sets can be varied for each centrifugation if required.

Includes 2 Rotors – HCT / QBC and Microtube (adapters included for 0.5/0.4ml tubes and 0.3/0.2ml tubes)

•    Spins 24 x Haematocrit or QBC tubes on HCT / QBC® Rotor

•    Spins 12 x 2ml blood tubes on Microtube Rotor


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