Canitroid 400 µg- 10 Tablets

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Canitroid is a medication for the treatment of hypothyroidism in dogs.

Active substance: 400 µg of levothyroxine sodium per tablet, equivalent to 389 µg of levothyroxine.

Target species:Dogs.

Pharmacologically, levothyroxine is classified as a hormonal preparation that replaces deficient endogenous hormones. Thyroid hormones act in several different cellular processes. In developing animals and humans, they are crucial determinants for normal development, especially of the central nervous system. Thyroid supplementation increases basal cell metabolism and oxygen consumption, thus affecting the functioning of virtually all body systems.

Posology and route of administration:

For oral administration.

The recommended starting dose of levothyroxine sodium is 10 µg / kg body weight, administered orally and at 12 hour intervals. Due to the variability of its absorption and metabolization, the dosage may require changes before a complete clinical response can be observed. The starting dose and frequency of administration are mere starting points.

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