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Shor-Line stainless steel veterinary Kennels are fabricated from our exclusive 2-piece unitised construction process, minimizing the number of welded seams. Less welds mean stronger and longer lasting kennels.Shor-Line veterinary Kennels are constructed from the highest grade type 304 stainless steel material. Even the frame, trim hardware, screws and platforms are made of stainless steel. Shor-Line Kennels are totally modular. This means each kennel is manufactured as an individual unit, engineered for fit and finish to combine with others into one structural product.When you put them together, they look custom built, specially for your kennel area. Installation is quick and easy. All stainless steel hardware (trim strips, trim plates and screws) attach the kennels together for a finished look. The kennels themselves have a front flange which overlaps the lower kennel or base platform, covering all horizontal joints.

A Mobile or Stationary Stainless Steel Platform to support the kennel assembly may be ordered from Shor-Line with your kennel purchase. Note: when planning space requirements, allow an additional 3mm width for every two kennels that are side-by-side.


Plastic Kennel Assembly With Divider & Mobile Platform

Parvo Kennel

Parvo Kennel


When there is the need to isolate potentially infectious clients, you can do so using the Parvo Kennel. Clean up is fast and easy due to the raised floor and sloped rear drainage systems. A second kennel unit can be stacked to allow up to two kennel units per base.

Parvo Kennel features:

• Disinfectant safe polyethylene kennel shell.

• Raised floor system which keep your client elevated thus minimising contact with their waste.

• Lexan door splatter guard and raised bottom retaining lip help to contain explosive diarrhoea.

• Sloped rear drainage system.

Run Gate Options



1. Frames

All frames are constructed of 31.75mm square stainless steel tubing. All corners are mitered and hand welded.

2. Patented Latch

Our latch is designed to be durable, secure and quiet. Acetal bushings provide smooth operation and sound dampening qualities. Concave latch bar allows the Run Gate to be opened with your forearm if both your hands are occupied.

3. Horizontal and Vertical Rods

All rods are 6.35mm diameter solid stainless steel and welded at every intersection. Horizontal rods are spaced 152.4mm apart and vertical rods are 38.1mm apart. The result is a safe and rugged gate.

4. PVC Floors

Keep patients and boarding clients clean, dry and comfortable. Supplied in sections for easy removal and cleaning, they are supported by stainless steel stirrups (Raised Floor Run System Only).

5. Adjustable Legs

Front leg has adjustable levelling pad and rear leg has a 101.6mm telescopic adjustment to assure a level and square installation (Raised Floor Run System Only).

6. Horizontal Brace

The horizontal brace provides additional strength and is the same 31.75mm stainless steel tubing as the frame. All vertical rods are inserted into the frame and through the brace.

7. Isolation Panel

Available in standard 1219.2mm high or “total isolation”. Constructed of two stainless steel sheets, one exterior and one interior, welded to the frame. Sound dampening material sandwiched between these two sheets prevents an “oil canning” affect.

8. Assembly Hardware

All assembly hardware, screws and barrel nuts are stainless steel.

9. Gates

Gates are as available as all Grill Stainless Steel, half Glass half grill, or all Glass Panels.

Colour Options


Gate Options

We offer a wide selection of standard options for run gates to allow a custom look at standard pricing. For gates that include PVC, standard colours are included at no charge. Premium and special colours will have a higher price and longer lead times.


Most Shor-Line runs have stainless steel grill or tempered glass doors. It is possible to substitute a PVC panel for the Stainless Steel panel if you desire colour with a Stainless Steel full frame.

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