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Cat Kennels

Cat Condos


If you cater for cats, you know how important it is for them to have their own “space”. Shor-Line’s Cat Condo range gives them the ability to roam even when your practice is full. Each Cat Condo is available as an individual unit, allowing you to choose from four different sizes to best fit your feline housing needs. Because the Cat Condos are modular it is easy for you to choose the sizes which best fit your requirements.

The Cat Condos are constructed from moisture resistant board and thermally fused high-pressure laminates for an outstanding moisture repelling and wear resistant surface. All panels and resting shelf edges are protected by 3mm PVC chip resistant material creating a watertight seal.

Stainless Steel Double Cat Suite, Mobile Unit

Stainless Steel Double Cat Suite, Mobile Unit


The Stainless Steel Cat Suite provides a large amount of living space whilst offering a nurturing environment. The Stainless Steel construction provides the best surface for disinfection and long service life. All features have been designed to relieve the stress of your patient which leads to a safer environment for both feline and handler. Available as Single and Double Stainless Steel Cat Suites.

The Mobile Free Standing Stainless Steel Cat Suite features:

• Lockable door latch to prevent escapes

• Stainless steel door design discourages paw entrapment

• Silent latch mechanism eliminates noise and creates a stress-free environment for patients

• Integrated compartment divider can be removed for cleaning

• Portals can be opened and closed from the outside without opening kennel doors or disturbing patients

• Interior polymer components are made of chemical resistant Polyethylene (PE)

• End Panels, Top Panel and Stainless Steel Platform included

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CliniSpin Horizon 642 VFD



  • Electronic Timer – Selectable from 1 to 30 minutes, m(+/- 1%)
  • Small Footprint – Takes up only 30cm2 of space
  • Brushless DC Motor – For smooth and quiet operation with no routine maintenance
  • Cool Running – Unique design allows for cool operation even under the heaviest workloads
  • Single Speed – 3800RPM ~ 2000g
  • Quiet Operation and Low Vibration – Double-encased motor and unique “stability mount” assure quiet performance and low out-of-balance vibration

Its compact design minimises its footprint, leaving more room on your worktop. The unique horizontal rotor design allows for the test tubes to be inserted at a convenient 45° angle, they are gently rotated to a full horizontal position as the motor accelerates.

Supplied as standard with the 6-place horizontal rotor, 6 x 10ml adaptors and 6 x 5 ml adaptors.

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CliniSpin Horizon 842 VET


The Clinispin horizon 842VET is the most compact of the Performance Series centrifuges. High speed and force capability produces rapid separation and greatly reduces processing times. Save settings in one of the ten memory locations and recall them at the touch of a button.


  • Electronic Timer with Display – selectable from 1 to 99 minutes, hold feature, (+/- 1%).
  • Electronic Speed Control with Display – easily set the running speed by RPM or RCF.
  • Brushless DC Motor – for smooth and quiet operation with no routine maintenance.
  • Variable Acceleration and Deceleration – customise the run from start to finish.
  • End-of-Run Audible Indicator – sounds when the rotor has stopped to inform the operator the cycle is complete.
  • Variable Speed – precision variable speed control gives the operator the ability to select from 500RPM to the maximum rotor speed of 10000RPM in 50RPM increments.
  • Quiet Operation and Low Vibration – double encased motor and unique “stability mount” assure quiet performance and low out-of-balance vibration.

Supplied as standard with the combination veterinary rotor to accommodate 16 x 2ml serum tubes and 16 x QBC tubes or 16 x haematocrit tubes on the same rotor ~ supplied as standard with haematocrit sealant, reader and capillaries.


Rotor Performance plus horizontal rotor
Max. Speed 10,000RPM/5000 x g
Max. Capacity 16x2ml + 16 HCT/PCV
Timer 99 minutes
Motor Maintenance free induction motor
Dimensions 20h x 28w x 34d (cm)
Weight 10.5Kg
220V and 110V version available
CE, UL and CAN/CSA certified


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CliniSpin MPC

The Clinispin Multi Purpose Centrifuge (MPC) is a high speed centrifuge equipped with a maintenance free drive, digital display and simple interface for silent and efficient operation. It is supplied with two rotors providing efficient separation of blood and urine micro samples and accurate Haematocrit determination using capillary tubes.


  • Maintenance Free Drive
  • Digital Display
  • Easy to Use
  • 3 Pre-Defined Presets
  • 3 Defined Pre-sets:

1) SERUM / PLASMA (Microtube rotor)         (12,000rpm for 2 minutes)

2) HCT / QBC® (HCT / QBC® rotor)                  (12,000rpm for 5 minutes)

3) URINE (Microtube rotor)                              (1,000rpm for 1 minute)

Pre-sets can be varied for each centrifugation if required.

Includes 2 Rotors – HCT / QBC and Microtube (adapters included for 0.5/0.4ml tubes and 0.3/0.2ml tubes)

•    Spins 24 x Haematocrit or QBC tubes on HCT / QBC® Rotor

•    Spins 12 x 2ml blood tubes on Microtube Rotor


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Dog & Cat Scales

Feline Scale

Feline Scale



Compact in size which saves worktop space but large enough to accurately weigh your largest feline patients.

The Feline Scale features:

• Push button zero/tare weight

• Kilogram/pound switch

• 20kg/44lb capacity in 10g/0.02lb increments

• Removable tray for easy cleaning

• 9 Volt battery included


Canine Scale

K9-W8 Wall Mount Scale


• Stainless Steel Platform

• Four ultra low profile load cells at each corner of the Platform which provides accurate and reliable weights in kilograms and pounds

• A liquid resistant shroud that spans the length of the Platform provides protection from cleaning and also protects the load cells from water ingress

• Large, easy to see backlit LCD screen with 25.4mm high numbers

• 136kg (300lb) capacity

• Tare, Recall, kg/lbs, Light, Free/Lock functions

• Display operates on AC adaptor or 4 AA Batteries

• Grey, ribbed, non-skid mat to provide solid patient footing

• Fluid retaining lip which prevents runoff

• 2m data cable

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Dog Kennels

Stainless Steel Kennels


Shor-Line stainless steel veterinary Kennels are fabricated from our exclusive 2-piece unitised construction process, minimizing the number of welded seams. Less welds mean stronger and longer lasting kennels.Shor-Line veterinary Kennels are constructed from the highest grade type 304 stainless steel material. Even the frame, trim hardware, screws and platforms are made of stainless steel. Shor-Line Kennels are totally modular. This means each kennel is manufactured as an individual unit, engineered for fit and finish to combine with others into one structural product.When you put them together, they look custom built, specially for your kennel area. Installation is quick and easy. All stainless steel hardware (trim strips, trim plates and screws) attach the kennels together for a finished look. The kennels themselves have a front flange which overlaps the lower kennel or base platform, covering all horizontal joints.

A Mobile or Stationary Stainless Steel Platform to support the kennel assembly may be ordered from Shor-Line with your kennel purchase. Note: when planning space requirements, allow an additional 3mm width for every two kennels that are side-by-side.


Plastic Kennel Assembly With Divider & Mobile Platform

Parvo Kennel

Parvo Kennel


When there is the need to isolate potentially infectious clients, you can do so using the Parvo Kennel. Clean up is fast and easy due to the raised floor and sloped rear drainage systems. A second kennel unit can be stacked to allow up to two kennel units per base.

Parvo Kennel features:

• Disinfectant safe polyethylene kennel shell.

• Raised floor system which keep your client elevated thus minimising contact with their waste.

• Lexan door splatter guard and raised bottom retaining lip help to contain explosive diarrhoea.

• Sloped rear drainage system.

Run Gate Options



1. Frames

All frames are constructed of 31.75mm square stainless steel tubing. All corners are mitered and hand welded.

2. Patented Latch

Our latch is designed to be durable, secure and quiet. Acetal bushings provide smooth operation and sound dampening qualities. Concave latch bar allows the Run Gate to be opened with your forearm if both your hands are occupied.

3. Horizontal and Vertical Rods

All rods are 6.35mm diameter solid stainless steel and welded at every intersection. Horizontal rods are spaced 152.4mm apart and vertical rods are 38.1mm apart. The result is a safe and rugged gate.

4. PVC Floors

Keep patients and boarding clients clean, dry and comfortable. Supplied in sections for easy removal and cleaning, they are supported by stainless steel stirrups (Raised Floor Run System Only).

5. Adjustable Legs

Front leg has adjustable levelling pad and rear leg has a 101.6mm telescopic adjustment to assure a level and square installation (Raised Floor Run System Only).

6. Horizontal Brace

The horizontal brace provides additional strength and is the same 31.75mm stainless steel tubing as the frame. All vertical rods are inserted into the frame and through the brace.

7. Isolation Panel

Available in standard 1219.2mm high or “total isolation”. Constructed of two stainless steel sheets, one exterior and one interior, welded to the frame. Sound dampening material sandwiched between these two sheets prevents an “oil canning” affect.

8. Assembly Hardware

All assembly hardware, screws and barrel nuts are stainless steel.

9. Gates

Gates are as available as all Grill Stainless Steel, half Glass half grill, or all Glass Panels.

Colour Options


Gate Options

We offer a wide selection of standard options for run gates to allow a custom look at standard pricing. For gates that include PVC, standard colours are included at no charge. Premium and special colours will have a higher price and longer lead times.


Most Shor-Line runs have stainless steel grill or tempered glass doors. It is possible to substitute a PVC panel for the Stainless Steel panel if you desire colour with a Stainless Steel full frame.

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EPOC- Portable Blood Gas Electrolyte & Critical Care Analyser


The epoc was developed by the founder of the i-STAT Analyser and is the first wireless Point of Care testing solution to use Smart Card technology.

It is a cost-effective, state of the art blood gas analyser capable of providing 18 parameters directly to a hand held PDA (included). The epoc is able to wirelessly interface with your in-practice computer and Bluetooth printer.


  • Accurate blood gas, electrolyte and critical care biochemistry results in 3 minutes
  • Room temperature cartridge storage
  • 92µl sample volume, eliminating overfill issues
  • Wireless system that interfaces to the practice computer and Bluetooth printer
  • Veterinary software with species specific reference ranges
  • Easy to use with Windows colour touch screen technology
  • Completely portable handheld system with rechargeable battery
  • Ready to use anytime, anywhere – in-practice, theatre, client site or yard
  • Integrated calibration and quality checks
  • Barcode smart cards for error free identification
  • 2000 patient results stored on analyser
  • Ability to input all patient data, temperature and even ventilator settings
  • Cartridge batch numbers automatically linked to patient results
  • All parameters on the same card

Simultaneously Tests Up to 18 Parameters

The epoc Blood Gas Analyser is affordable, easy to use and requires no refrigeration of consumables. It is ideal for in-practice or field use and is capable of simultaneously testing 18 parameters at once. With its sleek design and touchscreen menu, the epoc Blood Gas Analyser is a modern and accurate device suitable for any UK veterinary practice.

Measured Analytes

  • pH
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Glucose
  • Lactate
  • Chloride
  • Ionised Calcium
  • Haematocrit
  • Creatinine
  • pCO2, pO2
Calculated Values

  • Actual Bicarbonate
  • Total CO2
  • Base Excess of Extra Cellular Fluid
  • Base Excess of Blood
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Anion Gap
  • Anion Gap Potassium
  • Haemoglobin

Three Simple Steps to Using the epoc Blood Gas Analyser

Operating the epoc Blood Analyser is simple. A disposable epoc Test Card is inserted into the reader and an automatic calibration cycle is performed. A small sample of fresh whole blood (92μl) is then injected into the sample entry port on the test card. The reader then analyses the blood and approximately 35 seconds after sample injection, results are displayed on the epoc Host.

Blood Analyser Components

The epoc Blood Gas Analyser has four components: the reader, the host, the test cards and the printer. The epoc Blood Gas Analyser is able to provide accurate results for up to 18 parameters within 3 minutes.

epoc Reader

  • Battery powered portable device
  • Internal barcode scanner
  • Card slot for accepting test card
  • Status indicators to inform user of test progress
  • Measures electrical signals from test card sensors
  • Transmits test results wirelessly via Bluetooth to the epoc Host

epoc Host

  • Mobile computer with epoc Host software application installed
  • Communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with epoc Reader
  • Calculates analytical values from sensor data sent by epoc Reader
  • Displays test results
  • Communicates with practice computer via WiFi

epoc Test Card

  • Single-use device with port for blood sample introduction
  • Contains array of sensors on a Sensor Module
  • Contains calibration fluid within sealed reservoir
  • Generates electrical signals proportional to analyte concentrations in sample
  • Uses Barcode to identify Card Type, “Use By” Date, Serial and Lot Number

epoc Printer

  • Thermal printer
  • Maintenance free
  • Highly reliable
  • Able to print results immediately

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G-PET Plus Glucometer

The g-Pet PLUS is a species specific veterinary glucometer. g-Pet PLUS is easy to use and economical meaning that it’s suitable for use by veterinarians as well as owners of diabetic pets who have undergone a brief period of training from their vets.


  • Calibrated specifically for cats, dogs & horses
  • Biosensor auto code technology
  • Accurate results
  • Easy to use blood glucose meter
  • Vets can train owners to home test
  • Small sample of whole blood (0.7µl) is required
  • Large LCD screen
  • Accurate results displayed within 5 seconds
  • Readable range 1.1 – 33.3 mmol/L
  • 500 result automatic memory
  • Adjustable alert range alarms
  • mmol/l or mg/dL
  • HCT range 20 – 60%


  • Improved FAD-GDH enzyme test strip
  • Smaller sample volume
  • Wider HCT range
  • Strip eject
  • Single code strip for all species

As a handheld device it can be used in-practice, in the field or at home as a portable meter of blood glucose levels in cats, dogs and horses. The g-Pet PLUS Blood Glucose Meter has a memory capable of storing 500 results and a large LCD display.

A 0.7µl sample of venous or capillary blood is required to produce highly accurate glucose results within 5 seconds. A built-in confirmation window can show the user whether the sample is of sufficient volume before the test goes ahead.

The alarm notification system enables the user to set regular reminders for testing. This is a useful feature when monitoring dog diabetes and cat diabetes.

Pet owners can ask their vet about the g-Pet PLUS Glucose Meter or contact us to find their nearest stockist.

Kit Contents

  • g-Pet PLUS Meter
  • Manual
  • AAA Batteries (2)
  • Test strip insert
  • Test strips (10)
  • Control solution insert
  • Code strip
  • Quick reference guide
  • Control solution
  • Lancing device
  • Carry case
  • Lancets (10)

Why Use the g-Pet PLUS Veterinary Glucose Meter Rather Than a Human Glucose Meter?

Human glucometers are not always accurate when measuring glucose levels in animals. This is because red blood cell size and the distribution of glucose within the blood differs from species to species. A proportion of glucose is contained within the red blood cells and the remainder in the surrounding plasma.

Humans have a higher haematocrit compared to cats, dogs and horses, as well as larger red blood cells. Therefore, the distribution of glucose within plasma is proportionally much lower in humans compared to these animals as a larger portion of glucose is contained within the red blood cells.

Subsequently, these differences in glucose distribution have a bearing on the glucose result when testing animals with a meter designed for human use as false results are reported in some instances.

Species Specific Calibration

The g-Pet PLUS Veterinary Glucose Meter is calibrated specifically for use in cats, dogs and horses. Each g-Pet PLUS meter contains all relevant calibration information to ensure an accurate result is reported for each species. Vets no longer need to persist with inaccurate human meters as there is now a low cost, veterinary specific alternative.

More information can be found on the following link: Glucometer

Hemocue WBC



  • Lab Results in 3 minutes
  • White blood cell count in the range of 0.3-30.0 x 10 9/L
  • Simple operation
  • No Calibration or instrument adjustment needed
  • Capillary / venous samples can be used
  • Battery or AC powered

The HemoCue WBC analyser uses proven technology to gain accurate results in minutes. The Instrument can be used by either battery power or an adapter making the HemoCue WBC flexible and reliable.

Unlike conventional laboratory methods, which measure red and total blood cell counts, the HemoCue WBC provides results of white blood counts in 3 minutes.

The white blood cell is determined by haemolysation of red cells and colour staining of white cells in the analyser. An image is taken and the HemoCue WBC will count the number of White Blood Cells.


Measuring Range 0.3 -30.0 x 10 9/L
Measuring Time 3 minutes
Sample Material Capillary or venous (EDTA) whole blood
Sample Volume 10µl
Quality Control Built-in self test
Dimensions 7.28 x 5.24 x 4.72 inches
Weight 600g (with batteries installed)
Power AC Adapter or batteries


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