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Ocryl 135 ml

Sterile eye lotion for cleansing eyes and eyelids. Use:
For dogs and cats:
– Cleaning the eyes, eyelids and periorbital region,
– Removal of dust, discharges, crusts and secretions that can cause irritation,
– Preparation of periorbital region before applying eye drops or ointment,
OCRYL can be used in horses, birds, rodents and reptiles.

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Optigenic 50 ml

Optigenic cleanses the periocular area and prevents bacterial infections with chlorhexidine and Farnesol. It also contains extracts of Chamomile, Hamamelis and Cornflower water which have a calming effect on irritated eyes. Optigenic is indicated for regular and frequent cleaning, for removal of excessive eye secretions and before therapeutic treatment.
Target species: cat, dog.