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Malacetic Aural 118 ml

Malacetic otic is a unique, all natural environmentally sensitive solution for routine ear cleaning and drying.
A multicleanse 2% acetic acid and 2% boric acid solution withsurfactants, for use in pets.
Instructions: apply liberally to the ear. Gently but firmly massage the base of the ear. Apply cotton ball to remove excess solution.

Otifree 160 ml

Otifree Ear Cleaning Solution at a glance: Ear cleaning solution for dogs and cats.
Removes blockages caused by earwax, deposits and secretions. Contains propylene glycol and marigold: gentle cleaning solution
Medicinal calendula: antiseptic and healing, with softening properties. For regular hygiene or treatment of Otitis externa
Pleasant to use: bottle with soft dropper tube. Intended use: For dogs and cats:
– regular ear cleaning
– preparing and cleaning the outer ear canal for treatment of Otitis externa.