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Deo Cuccia Citronella 300 ml

Product description: a citronella deodorant ideal for cats and dogs environments. Releases a fragrance particularly suitable in summer evenings, pleasing to dog and cat. It neutralizes unpleasant odors from kennels, sofas, carpets …

Fam 30- 5 litres

FAM 30 is a multi-purpose Iodophor disinfectant which cleans and disinfects in one operation killing bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Masodine Teat Dip- 5 litres

Targeted species: Bovine (Cattle), Caprine (Goat) & Ovine (Sheep), Equine (Horse)
Pack size: 5 liters,
Composition: Glycerol 20% w/v,
Indications: Concentrate for teat dip and teat spray solution
Benefits: An iodophor-based teat dip and teat spray which has been specially formulated to help reduce the bacterial contamination that causes mastitis in dairy herds
Reduce the risk of infection by leaving an antiseptic film of iodine adhering to teats which have been treated dipping or spraying
Glycerol & Sorbitol helps to keep teats soft and supple as well as aids in the prevention and healing of sore and cracks.

Metron- 20 kg

Metron is a powerful powder circulation cleaner and bulk tank cleaner produced by Evans Vanodine. Removes milk residues efficiently in all milking parlours and pipelines.

Neutralizza Odori 750 ml

Innovative solution to eliminate the bad odors left on the fabrics by our pet.
The  spray neutralizes odors is active on fabrics and places frequented by dogs and cats (sofas, carpets, armchairs, kennels, tents, cars …). Thanks to its patented formula, it captures and neutralizes odors, leaving a delicate sensation of cleanness and freshness.