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Cankerstop- 100 gr

Active ingredient: Ronidazole . Target species: pigeon. Indication: for the treatment of all forms of canker (trichomoniasis) in pigeons. General infections caused by trichomonas.

This is a POM – Prescription Only Medicine: it  can only be dispensed once a valid prescription issued by a veterinary surgeon is received by email, facebook or attached during the ordering process.

Intermitox Powder 500 g

Intermitox Powder may not be used directly on animals! Be careful not to get powder on feed, drinking water, eggs etc.

Intermitox Powder
To control mites and other ectoparasites in animal housings

  • Lasting effect
  • Surfaces do not stick
  • Easy to apply even in occupied stables
  • Ready to use

Intermitox Powder is effective on parasites like mites (red mite, mange mites like sarcoptes), ticks, lice, fleas etc.

Applicable on cages and boxes of pigeon, poultry, rabbits, sheep, goats and pigs as well as dog or cat baskets.

Apply the powder on infested surfaces, especially holes, cracks and perches which are most likely to be infested.
If necessary repeat the application after 3 weeks.

Active ingredients: 1g Intermitox Powder contains 10 mg cypermethrine cis/trans +/- 40/60